3 Ways to Establish the Genuineness of a Relationship During Partner Visa Application

9 December 2020
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With the world becoming a global village, people are starting relationships and marrying across borders. It has led to a rise in partner visa applications by couples seeking to live together in Australia. Although getting a partner visa is a significant milestone in a relationship, the application process can be daunting. One essential requirement that increases the chances of success is establishing the genuineness of your relationship. Unfortunately, many applications get rejected for failure to prove the crucial requirement. Read More 

Three Dos and Dont’s Of Applying For A Partner Visa

22 April 2019
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A new relationship is an amazing time in a person's life, but the decision to take the next step and move in together brings with it an interesting twist when you need to apply to the government to make that happen. As someone who has fallen in love with a non-Australian that you met while holidaying overseas, and as someone who wants to apply for a partner visa so that your love interest can reside with you in the same country, here are three dos and don't you need to consider as you start to complete the necessary paperwork. Read More 

Why Seek the Services of a Migration Agent?

23 February 2016
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A lot of clients feel assured enough to lodge their own applications with the Australian Department of Immigration after combing through the Australian immigration rules online. Of course, it's not mandatory to use the services of a migration agent. Nevertheless, before you choosing whether to hire a migration agent or proceed on your own, consider these three reasons for using a registered migration agent. There's a good reason why it's referred to as immigration law Read More